Our Impact

Research has shown that 25% of school-aged children in New York are left unsupervised after school, and 95% of parents say they rely on after school programs to keep their jobs. SASF provides safe, professional instruction in a wide variety of program areas to improve the lives of New York’s students.
• Students in our High School Today, College Tomorrow (HSTCT) program have a 98% four-year completion rate, compared to 61% citywide.
• Nearly 90% of our HSTCT students are admitted to college.
• Our Summer Academy program helps 86% of students advance to the next grade on time.
• SASF tutoring has been shown to improve ELA and Math test scores by 18%.
• Students in our Middle School Today, High School Tomorrow (MSTHST) program are 33% more likely to be admitted to a Specialized High School than without our help.
• Almost 75% of students in MSTHST are admitted to smaller, higher-performing high schools.
• According to 80% of principals and 70% of teachers surveyed, SASF’s programs help support academic improvement in their schools.
• And 86% of parents surveyed say SASF helps their kids learn things that help them succeed at school.
The Sports and Arts in Schools Foundation has helped thousands of students learn to love school, and to improve their academic achievement and physical literacy.