Middle School

Preparing middle school students for the academic and social challenges they will encounter high school, college, and beyond is the foundation of SASF’s Middle School program. We provide our students with the critical tools and resources to help them and their families attain their goals. Below are elements of the Middle School model:

High School Choice Advisement

Our trained Middle School advisors provide one-on-one and group sessions to help understand the high school admissions process, enabling them to make informed, educated decisions about which schools are most appropriate to include on their application.

Test Prep Services

Students taking the Specialized High School Admissions Test are offered comprehensive test prep, including subject-based instruction and test-taking strategies. Our program often includes NYS Regents test prep for middle school students who qualify to take applicable science and/or math exams.

Subject-Based Tutoring and Improving Study Skills

Our Middle School program provides one-on-one and small group subject-based tutoring to help students stay on track and successfully master the material required for promotion and graduation. Trained tutors are assigned to work with a small cohort of students, allowing them to focus on individual strengths and weaknesses. Our tutoring program helps students prepare for class exams, improve test taking skills, and expose students to technology and computer skill-building opportunities.

High School Readiness & Character

Education Workshops Students participate in workshops that focus on the crucial transition to high school and character education topics that promote social and emotional development.

Education Specialist

Each SASF Middle School site employs an Education Specialist, whose job is to oversee curriculum implementation, academic instruction, and lesson plans for that location, as well as to mentor and coach teachers and tutors to ensure the delivery of SASF’s high quality academic programming to each middle school student.


In collaboration with our Center for Sports & Wellness, we offer SASF middle school students a wide variety of programs designed to improve students’ physical and nutrition literacy at this critical educational point in their lives. We operate after-school and Saturday leagues, and run a number of sports tournaments and clinics through the year.


SASF’s Arts Department has a comprehensive arts curriculum dedicated to the enrichment of middle school-aged students’ social-emotional well-being. Through creating and performing, middle school students are taught skills that enhance the development of positive self-image and social relationships. Our curriculum provides tailored music, dance and drama opportunities to each middle school program.

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