High School

In the High School  program students learn how to successfully meet graduation requirements, navigate the college admissions process, and acquire skills that will prepare them for lifelong employment. Below are elements of the High School model:

Programmatic Components:

    1.  Individualized Graduation Plan

Students in HSTCT work collaboratively with SASF’s academic counselor and the school’s guidance counselors to create an Individualized Graduation Plan. This document is the student’s roadmap toward successfully completing their graduation requirements. Understanding these requirements can be complicated and frustrating to students and parents. Significant problems can arise when students believe they have completed their necessary work, and later find out that they are short credits, or still need to pass a Regents exam that they were unaware of. SASF’s trained academic advisers coordinate both in- and after-school resources to ensure on-time graduation.

College and Career Advisors are assigned to all students, with the responsibility of creating an individualized graduation plan for every participant and then working with each student through at minimum bi-weekly meetings to monitor the student’s progress in meeting the student’s educational and career progress. Among key benchmarks are daily classroom attendance rates, daily out-of-school time attendance rates, homework completion rates, quarterly grades, and credit status. Targeted tutoring and educational counseling are provided to assist participants to complete high school in four years.

    2.  Academic Tutoring:

Our program adheres to DOE regulations (e.g. required seat hours, maximum number of classes allowed, time frame permitted to make up classes). Licensed teachers provide instruction, and meet regularly with program supervisors to ensure that students are attending and properly utilizing the service. Academic advisors facilitate communication between parents and their schools. Academic tutoring is provided for the four core Regents subjects.

    3.  College and Career Ready Component:

Our intensive College and Career Ready component is based on the SASF Preparing for College Checklist. It includes

  • workshops for students and parents about what courses and extracurricular
  • college visits for students and parents
  • SAT test prep
  •  how to identify colleges well suited to a student’s individual needs and interests
  •  how to complete admission and financial aid applications
  •  how to write effective personal essays
  • activities competitive colleges require for admission
  • and educational counseling.

All of these components work in concert to assist students and parents when making a final choice of a college. Students also benefit from career focus workshops that assist the students in making final determinations on career choices.

4.  College Tours

Setting foot on a college campus can often provide the motivation and inspiration for a student to successfully graduate from high school and look ahead to college and lifelong employment. SASF runs several college visits for its students each year, and has brought students to schools as far away as Georgia and as prestigious as Yale and Columbia.

5.  Parent Engagement

Our High School program provides opportunities for parents to actively participate in their child’s education by offering a wide variety of college and career awareness workshops with a primary focus on the financial aid process.

6.  Student Workshops

The High School program offers workshops in our three core areas – College Readiness, Character Education, and Career Awareness

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