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The Sports & Arts in Schools Foundation’s Elementary Champions Clubs believe in a holistic 3 season approach to after-school programming. In partnership with the host school and the parents, we prioritize curriculum-based activities that support the developmental needs of the school community. Our mission is to provide the essential building blocks that support and enrich each child’s educational and cultural needs. The underlying thread for all SASF programs is the development of our student’s social-emotional skills development through a built in approach to character development in all aspects of our program.

School and Parent Involvement

Our programs are developed in conjunction with the identified needs of the school community. SASF Program Directors and staff work with the School Leadership Team and the Parent’s Advisory Council to create a seamless program design that allows for students to easily move from the day school into the after-school.

Academic Enrichment

In addition to Homework Help our students are provided a variety of services to strengthen student academic performance. Academic support is provided through a direct relationship with the school, accomplished by the support of an Educational Specialist who identifies student needs by connecting with key school staff. Academic enrichment is enhanced through the use of;

Computer Programs – Programs like Study Island and I-Ready provide support and strengthen a wide range of skills. These programs can also support school day instruction using the diagnostic tools available.

STEM – (Science – Technology – Engineering – Math) Every child has an opportunity to engage in, explore and develop projects during their STEM activities. Additional opportunities are provided through trip participation.

Literacy – In addition to supporting students through Homework Help and Tutorials students are encouraged to develop writing skills that are enhanced through numerous essay contests and reflective writing activities. Each school has it’s own newsletter that students contribute to providing them with the opportunity to work with a writing coach editing and developing a writing style.

Sports and Physical Activity

SASF believes it is essential to a child’s academic development for them to participate in physical activity programs that are engaging, fun and support skill development. All these programs are enriched with;

• Clinics – onsite and offsite clinics are provided in areas such as Fitness, Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Gym Hockey, Golf and many other specialty sports or activities like

• Special Events – President’s Week 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament and Clinic, Soccer Tournament, Track and Field Events and other age appropriate activities.

• Trips – Trips to view college or professional sporting events include; Baseball Games, Basketball Games and Soccer Matches.

Arts and Culture

Students have an opportunity expand their awareness of a variety of art forms through the availability of our extensive arts curriculum.

• Visual Arts – SASF has its own visual arts team that develops theme based curricula to support our students throughout our Champions Clubs. This year’s curriculum, titled “Gratitude – Grit – Growth,” provides students with an opportunity to express themselves and encourage personal growth.

• Performing Arts – the performing arts are provided based on interest and availability. Schools can select from Theater, Music or Dance.

• Special Activities – Each year students have an opportunity to display their Artwork, or perform on stage at our Spring Showcase or compete in our Step Competition. This is often a highlight for our students for the year.

• Trips – Students develop a better understanding of the cultural opportunities our city offers through trips to shows, museums and galleries.

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