Resources for Principals

Established in 1992, SASF has more than 20 years experience in providing expanded opportunities for academic, athletic and arts opportunities to students throughout New York. SASF runs programming for students 42 weeks each year, offering after-school, weekend, vacation and summer programming.

SASF brings a comprehensive menu of resources and program offerings to all of our partner schools.

Our flagship Champions Club program provides students with a mix of academic support, arts enrichment and physical literacy education; a whole-student approach that has been shown to improve attendance, support academic improvement and help students succeed in all subjects. For more information on our signature Champions Club offerings, click here.

Our City Council-sponsored summer programs provide children ages 6-12 with an engaging schedule of skill based sports and arts activities, as well as a number of day trips around the city. For more information on our City Council-sponsored Summer Programs, click here.

The Center for Sports and Wellness oversees all of SASF’s athletic programming. We train our instructors in the latest sports education methods, ensuring the implementation of high-quality sports and fitness programs for our 20,000 students. For more information on our Center for Sports and Wellness and the activities they offer, click here.

Navigating the high school application process in New York City is a daunting task for students and parents. Our Middle School Today, High School Tomorrow program provides resources, advisement, coaching, counseling and instruction that helped 22% of MSTHST students gain admission to specialized, screened or auditioned high schools. For more information on our Middle School Today, High School Tomorrow program, click here.

Our High School Today, College Tomorrow program is our most successful, most ambitious program. Students in HSTCT boast a 98% four-year completion rate, versus 61% citywide.  In the HSTCT Summer Academy, 86% of students advance from 9th to 10th grade on time. For more information on our High School Today, College Tomorrow program, click here.

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