Corporate Partnerships

SASF is an invaluable potential partner for corporations looking to help improve the lives of New York’s students. We offer civic-and academic-minded businesses the opportunity to sponsor sports and arts programs for students, leveraging their business expertise, resources and knowledge to improve our programmatic offerings throughout our schools.

Partnering with SASF provides a number of benefits to businesses:

• We can offer increased visibility for your business – with 20,000 students in our programs.

• Quarterly and annual reports on the impact of your time and efforts.

• Email, web and social media content promoting your partnership with SASF.

• Traditional media outreach around your partnership.

• The opportunity to provide students with direct access to your business, to show them the great work you do and how they can accomplish it.

• Your logo and name on any SASF communications about our partnership, and on any apparel for events you sponsor.

For more information on how you can join the SASF team, please contact Kathleen McGowan: or 347-417-8160