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Interviews with SASF’s DeWitt Clinton Scholars

Posted on: June 24th, 2015

SASF’s program at DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx has always been very successful, and we are very excited that six of our students have won scholarships to attend prestigious universities in the fall.

Jejomar Ysit, Pawanpreet Singh, Vidur Beharry, Andru Anderson, Kingsley Karikari, and Delgado Corcoran all won full tuition awards for colleges around the country. SASF’s after school program has instilled the confidence, hard work, and dedication within these students that has allowed them to succeed. These achievements are no small feat, including a QuestBridge Scholarship, three Posse Scholarships, a Gates Millennium Scholarship and a Hamilton Education Opportunity Scholarship. We had the chance to sit down with each of these students to find out about their plans and how SASF helped provide them with the tools necessary to win these tremendous awards. You can see those interviews here.

Jejomar Ysit, planning to attend Wesleyan University in the fall, was awarded the QuestBridge Scholarship, a four-year scholarship full tuition award worth over $200,000 intended to give gifted low-income students the opportunity of an undergraduate education. Ysit noted the impact that SASF programs have had on his accomplishments. He told us that Sports & Arts has helped him with everything from motivating him “to do well in classes” and “[getting] good grades” to teaching him how to present himself to colleges during the application process. He also mentioned that the relationships he made with people from Sports and Arts have “made [his] high school experience.”

Vidur Beharry, a Gates Millenium Scholar, had a similar experience. He credits Sports and Arts and Mr. Robert Hill, the site director at DeWitt, with “[offering him] guidance that [he] didn’t really get anywhere else in the school.” The Gates Millennium Scholarship provides outstanding low-income minority students with the means to complete an undergraduate education. Beharry was also awarded the Ascend scholarship and a number of alumni scholarships, which will also aid him in his transition to Princeton University in the fall where he will be studying astrophysics.

Andru Anderson received a Posse Scholarship this year, and will be attending Wheaton College where he hopes to study business management and later become a philanthropist. Anderson’s dream has always been to “take care of this world and change it for the better,” and credits Sports and Arts for bringing him closer to this dream. He noted that “their doors were always open” and they acted as a “constant support system” for whatever he needed. At SASF, Anderson noted that he not only had a “group of friends that had been going through the same process,” but also “had a family.”

Also part of this Sports and Arts family is Pawanpreet Singh another Posse Scholar. He noted that he “would’ve never been nominated without Sports and Arts.” Singh will be attending Franklin and Marshall College in the fall with full tuition paid by Posse, a scholarship organization aimed to train and educate the “leaders of tomorrow.”

The third Posse Scholar from Dewitt Clinton is Kingsley Karikari, who has yet to decide on a school but is lucky enough to be choosing between Yale, Amherst, Pomona and Vanderbilt, all of which he told us have his intended major of neuroscience. Karikari had a different high school experience, coming to the United States from Ghana in 2013. While he noted that he couldn’t “even start to list all the number of awesome things sports and arts has done for [him],” he also told us that everything that has happened during his education in America has “been about Sports and Arts.” He said that “without them, [he] wouldn’t be sitting here in this seat.”

Lastly, Delgado Corcoran, who was admitted to the Hamilton Education Opportunity Program, a scholarship to Hamilton College, recognizes Sports and Arts as what gave him the confidence to succeed. His favorite thing about the organization is the people, and by “meeting new people, meeting the faculty [and] meeting the students, [he] really got to see point of views [he’d] never seen before.”

These six students from Dewitt Clinton were given unbelievable opportunities in continuing their education, and each of them credits SASF with providing essential guidance through their high school careers and the college and scholarship application processes, helping make them the tremendously successful students that they are today. We at SASF could not be prouder of their accomplishments, and look forward to great things from each.

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