How Many Golf Balls Can Fit In A Bathtub?

Occasionally you will come across some weird golf questions that you cannot find an immediate answer. Some of the questions are popular interview questions in several corporates. One such question you may have come across is how many golf balls can fit in a bathtub?

Corporates and Google pose such questions to test a candidate’s capacity to solve a wide range of issues. But then again, some people load off their golf balls in bathtubs for cleaning, even though they do not fill the tub.

How Many Golf Balls Can Fit In A Bathtub

So how many golf balls can fit in a bathtub?

The response to this inquiry varies from one individual onto the next one. Some people give answers from assumptions instead of finding out the best way to answer the question. When this happens, you get answers ranging from 400 to 1000 or impossible to tell.

Others that get close to calculating the number of balls will say that the number of golf balls will depend on the tub’s size and the size of the balls. Others may even ask if the answer is dependent on an empty bathtub or an occupied one. Instead of figuring out the correct answer by making assumptions, the best option would be to think outside the box. Read more about:Best golf shoes

The answer

The first step is to assume the size of an empty standard bathtub. A standard-sized bath estimates at 60 inches long, 32 inches wide, and 18 inches tall, identical to 34,560 cubic inches. A golf ball’s standard size is 4/3 * pi * .85, which is an equivalent of 2.5 cubic inches.

If you divide the bathtub’s standard size and that of the golf balls, you get the number of balls that you can fit in the tub is 13, 824.

However, fitting this number in the bathtub would be almost impossible because of the empty spaces in between the balls. Therefore, to be on the more accurate side, multiply the number of balls that can assumedly fit in a bathtub by 0.74 for the spaces in between the balls.

The new answer you get is 10,229.74. If you round that up, you get 10,230. Therefore, the correct answer would be anything between 10,229 and 10,223.

Actual golf balls in a bathtub-Case Study

In the 1980s, Jan Stephenson ruffled several feathers in the golf industry after posing in a bathtub filled with golf balls. Stephenson got a mention in the 2017 release as one of the world’s most excellent women golf players.

In as much as the photo attracted a lot of criticism across the world, it also brought immense attention to the game of golf and its women players. No one was counting the balls, but the fame was worth the effort.

Wrapping It Up

It is a tedious task filling a bathtub with golf balls and counting each one of them, which is why you need to be the wiser if such a question comes your way. Use simple arithmetic formulas, and you will have the closest answer you can get.

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